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To say I had a great time in Miami during Art Basel this year would be an understatement. The plan was to hit as many art fairs, galleries, shows, and openings as possible. This was my second year at Basel, and I was really looking forward to spending a week seeing the world’s greatest art.

Instead I got to meet my favorite artist, Cleon Peterson, who then invited me to help him and his collaborator, Shepherd Fairey, paint one of their two walls together in Miami’s Wynwood arts district. Spending an entire day on the lift with Cleon and his wife Kelly cutting stencils and painting and getting to work with Shepherd Fairey and his amazing crew was beyond my dreams.

I was pretty sure nothing would top this experience when, through a series of fortunate events, I was offered my own wall in Wynwood.

I had no plan to paint and other then a couple of markers and a few pieces of poster board, no art supplies with me. I ended up raiding three Home Depots to get what I needed and through the generosity of other artists, was granted access to two ladders that weren’t being used. Two friends from Atlanta and an artists I met in Miami also stopped by and volunteered some time. After one long day and two short days, my wall in Wynwood was finished.

I did make it to a few of the fairs and the opening of Wynwood Walls and the Library Street Collective show. I had the chance to tour the Margulies Collection, and I got to see the amazing project at Jose de Diego Middle School which has inspired me more than words can say. The best part of my time in Miami, however; was spending most of my time doing what I love best, painting and of course hanging out with all the amazing artist who were in Miami. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Cleon Collab

Assisting on the Cleon Peterson and Shepherd Fairey Collaboration at Wynwood Walls in Miami


Starting the image on my wall at Wynwood Walls, Miami


Finished. My wall at Wynwood Walls, Miami at 25th Street and NW 3rd Avenue.

If you’re in Miami you can see it at 25th Street and NW 3rd Avenue. If you decide to share a photo of it, please #macstewartartworks. Be sure to check out other murals in the area and the Jose De Diego Middle School murals. There are so many amazing artists I can’t mention them all here. You will be impressed.