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There is no way I would have been able to have finished my wall on time if it weren’t for the dozens of volunteers and artist assistants who supported me during the two weeks I was painting my mural for Living Walls 2014. We tried to get a photo of everybody who painted with me…but several of you slipped away before we could capture your image. Many more of you were behind the scenes, out of site, keeping the Living Walls machine moving forward. Regardless, of where you were you, I do not have enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work you did.

So, I want to thank my artist assistants, Alex, Andie, Beverly, Cameron, Dana, Denise, Ellie, Gustavo, Jessica, Joe, Joseph, John, Katie, Lucas, Matt, Pearce, Rick, Shawnna, Solomon, and Tracy.

I also have to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to Emily and her production team. She, Drew and the rest kept us in paint and rollers and ladders and scaffolding. Plus they coordinated and hung the entire gallery exhibit which was amazing.

Then there was Stacy and Jordan Ligdon, the Living Wall’s volunteer coordinators who made sure we had people on site to help and did a fantastic job delivering lunch everyday. Jasmine headed up the Living Wall’s PR machine and having Rob and Josh stop by to check in on us was a welcomed break. Sarah kept the funds flowing, so that all the teams had what they needed to get the walls painted.

I want to thank my fellow artists: Borondo, Caroline Caldwell, Ernest Zacharevic, Faith McClure, Fintan Magee, Hense, Moneyless, Jon Tindell, Jonathan Welch, Low Brothers, Troy Lovegates,  and Xuan Alyfe welcoming me and giving me great advice and words of encouragement as I tackled my first wall.

Finally, there’s Monica Campana, Living Walls Executive Director. Her belief in me and my art is the only reason I was able to paint a wall. Monica it was a dream come true. To you and the amazing team you’ve assembled…thank you.

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