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As an artist, I spend a good deal of time in my studio, late at night, by myself making art. I love what I do and am glad I have the time and space to do this thing that drives me. That being said, I love it when I have the opportunity to collaborate with other creative types and this summer I’ve had more than one.

While I was busy with Living Walls, Holley Calmes, Gwinnett Ballet Theatre’s Marketing Director, asked if they could borrow several of my paintings for a photo shoot. Holley’s husband, Richard Calmes, is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing dancers. His images often grace the cover of both national and international dance magazines. Under the artistic direction of Wade Walthall, and with dancer Madeline Whitehead posing, Richard created the amazing shot below.



I love the way Richard lighted and edited this shot. Yes. All three dancers are Madeline. I love to see my work interpreted in new ways by other artist.

This shot is being used by Gwinnett Ballet to promote their October 4th and 5th shows. My art will be featured in one of the dances being choreographed by Wade Walthall. Gwinnett Ballet is also hosting a showing of my work on September 20th during their Casino Night. Hope you can join us.